Investment R.E. Loans

Fast and Simple Funding for Investment Real Estate deals!!



Our Loan Terms:
We will fund up to 65% of the “as is” appraised value of the contract purchase price on residential investment. We fund up to 55% of the purchase price on commercial property, as long as it does not exceed 55% of the “as is” appraised value.

Our Loan Lengths:
We’re very generous with our loan terms, which can range anywhere from 3 months to 24 months. This gives you plenty of time to fix and flip!

How Long to See the Funding:
If you get us all the due diligence and we have a full, qualified packet, we can get funding to you in as little as 3-5 business days!

There Are No Maximum or Minimum Amounts!
Given the fees and origination points involved, we typically don’t see residential loans for principal amounts of less than $15,000 and commercial loans for principal amounts of less than $50,000. We don’t place any barriers on our lending limits and allow the property to dictate the loan amount. If the property is a great investment with a good rate of return, then the amount is really not the focal point.

We Even Do Loan Extensions at the Lender’s Discretion!
Sometimes unseen events arise and you may not be able to sell your property within the allotted loan time. No problem! We understand that these things happen and will grant you extensions to help you complete your exit strategy.

Need Rehab Financing?

If needed, and it makes financial sense, we even provide 100% rehab financing! The best way to secure 100% financing is through what is called “seller carry back” financing. This is when a seller carries a second mortgage on the subject property, which the buyer pays down each month. Not only is it offered as a means to getting the home sold, but often it’s necessary to get the deal done with 100% financing and rehab money.



Earn Healthier Returns on Your Money!

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When lenders come through Private Money Exchange, they can be confident that we do all the necessary due diligence prior to presenting them with complete packages. We help lenders find funding opportunities that are backed by real property in first lien position. However, ultimately they make the final decision whether or not to fund a deal.


As a Select Lender in the Private Money Exchange Network, You:

Fast Track to Funding Fortunes Earn healthy returns

Circle of Wealth Choose each deal at your comfort level

Join Our Lending Network View pre-screened borrowers

Private Money Exchange Get full transparency of who you are lending to

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Low Risk Investments Enjoy the gratification of investing in real people and real opportunities
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Each loan package is researched, reviewed, assembled and provided to the lender. Lenders can then review multiple loan opportunities until they identify the one that is within their comfort level.