10 Corvette, VW, + Racing Links

1991 steel blue Corvette convt. FOR SALE

1973 Corvette FOR SALE


Mean 72 Vette

History of Corvettes

2014 C7

How to pass slower traffic when driving a Vette

Greatest police chase

Ride in 68 sidepipe Corvette

Ride in Roys 72 Corvette

First American automobile race 1895 Thanksgiving day

“The Rock” on Thanksgiving Day 2012 

 Meadows Cruise Nights

Rolling Meadows Cruise Night – KruzinUSA.com – YouTube

Bill Wildt – YouTube

Everything about  C-3 Shark Vettes

Everything about  VW GTI

1991 Corvette

1967 smokes them

Bill Mullis all black car + bike collection


Custom Condos for Auto’s

The cause of most traffic accidents



C5 steering problem

Corvettes + blues

George Jones Corvette song

Corvette Thunder

Indy car fly’s  over lead car

Unexpectantly fast Corvette

1,000 hp 9 sec. street 1963 Nova

Super Sleeper 1972 Nova

Bullitt – Steve McQueen Famous Car Chase

9 sec 1/4 mile street vettes

Custom 1967 Corvette hot rod

Burnout using linelock

Vette linelock

The Last Stingray

AJ’s    9 second street Buick v6

Comet with side pipes

74  White Vette with side pipes

77  Copper Vette new side pipes

74 Vette drive by + burnout

69 Vette burnout

69  L-88 Vette burnout

Black c3 burnout

Custom 74 Vette burnouts

Pantera burnout

Corvette History

1973 Vette show car FOR SALE

Custom Condos for Auto’s

Jay Leno’s garage zr1 Corvette

Jay Leno’s garage

2010 ZR1 Corvette

Corvette Z06 0-190 mph

1971 Camaro turbo

F Bomb burnouts

Blue Vette vs. Blue Angel  jet

Chicagoland North Corvette Club


Volo auto museum

Auto museum

Tailfins + chrome

Nelson racing engines

Vette chasis

C3-C4 steering system

c5 c6 suspension / c3 body

power rack + pinion

Vette frames

C4 Chasis

C5-C6 Chasis

Corvette frame off restor



American racing wheels

Billet Specialties wheels


Quadrajet Carb

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