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By Robert Johnson

The first thing you will need is  products  to promote or sell. I will show you several different  programs that you may want to try. They each have FREE pre made websites all ready set up for you. You can join one or all of the organizations, begin promoting the products and begin making money. What I did was get several products which have the pre made websites, then found a company that provided a blog page for under $100, so I can link all the websites together and promote different products together on the one blog site. I can also change or add posts and content as I like. I have no computer or technical background!! This process is made easy, because the blog company provides a free website access, with step by step video instructions on how to operate and promote your blog site. Everything is explained in simple details step by step. You can progress at your own pace, to add posts, and build your traffic. You can contact me to find out where to get the blog page set up for under $100 and under $15 per month hosting fee. I do not have a financial interest, it is just what I happen to use.

One product with good deals is online store at www.activatemywebsite.com I  purchased a book for less than $30, and they included a completely FREE pre made website with affiliate products to promote.

The next product is free prescription cards at www.freerxplus.com/frp00107 You give away free prescription cards, and if people like the program, they join for only $125 and you get a commission. You also get a FREE pre made website to promote your business there.

So there you have it folks, check out the above websites, join one or more programs, then if you want to promote them together,  get a low cost blog page and make money with all three by just promoting one blog page.

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Sell cool websites for big $$$