19 x us govt, socialism, GUNS, cia drugs, wars N.W.O.

“The man in the street does not notice the devil even when the devil is holding him by the throat.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

KGB how to brainwash a nation

American socialism at its finest

Socialist Security, Retirement, Medicare

Socialist Security Tax

Soros NWO puppet master

satanic NWO

Pelosi, Pass the b.o. health law, then read it to see whats in it!!

S.S. stealth screwing!!

Reform the congresscritters!!

Buffet How to end USA deficit

Fall of Empires

YES the govt. Can Solve everything!!

More  govt intrusion + Violation of Citizens Rights

We’re from the govt do as we say, not as we do

Creepy obama worship + brainwashing kids

ObamaCare is a tax

USA govt. screws Citizens on healthcare

USA govt GIVES Calif. base to Red China!!


WARNING: Civil Unrest In America 2013-2014

9-11 missing bodys + planes

USA govt RED list


Madness of a Lost Society

===   Have Americans really been dumbed  down??

B.O. birth certificate!!

Black woman view  Obama

KGB how to brainwash a nation

Catching Wild Pigs

MANDATORY RFID chip implant in obamacare!!!   (Mark of Beast)

RFID chip can KILL!!

RFID chipsRFID chip + Amero

RFID chip + BibleAron Russo


College Student WITH GUN Saves 10 Lives,  true story not reported in Chicago  vid

College students with NO GUN for protection Terrorized for 7 hours

Liberal Extremist Michael Moore admits owning gun + having security

British firearms confiscated  NWO  will confiscate all guns + rights

Gun factsGuns  protect +  saved lives real cases

Gun rights in home invasions

Guns + Nazis

Anti Guns vs. Gun rights attorney

Guns: Lies about guns into Mexico

From my cold dead hands *** links

Mayor Daley:  gun up reporters butt

Gun owners message to Mayor Daley

Anti Gun politicians in hearing from victim

Guns Joe Horn news story

Guns Joe Horn 911 call

O’Rielly discusses Joe Horn case with attorney for illegal imigrants

Racist black panthers GANG  run off by Joe Horn supporters!!

Hussein Obama speaks about guns

Hussein Obama on guns

Hussein Obama is Skull + Bones approved pawn

Hussein Obama and the New World Order

JFK speech against   secret   NWO

Guns sales RISE after Hussein Obama win

Hussein Obama to ban GUNS!!

Radical extremist NWO fenemist nut wants worldwide gun ban!!

Rahm Emanuel Wall St multi millionare another NWO nut case GUN BANNER

Loudmouth Liberal Lunatic extremist trys  to bash, sincere gun carrying Citizen

More idiot GUN BANNERS!!

Ranting radical liberal fanatic extremist TV host wants EVERYONE DISARMED!!

Retired Military on NWO ***links

Vets + gunowners Obamas Nazis training to eliminate you first!!

No more Posse Comitatus

Clergy + Gun confiscation

67 year old Vietnam Vet gets harrassed by a punk on the bus

Russians vs. Somalian pirates————————————————————————————————

House of Rothschild vs. U.S.A. Presidents

JFK secrecy + conspiracy speech (short)

Luciferian NetworkTruth on banking + USA govt.

Mr. Obama + Mrs. Clinton dragging us into more Wars + Economic Depression  video

We’re less safe with Hussein Obamas perpetual wars policy

American Constitution read, probably first time for many “public servants” never followed, so why read it??

democrats defect from Pelosi

Hussein Obama out of touch with reality

Soros + Hussein ObamaMr President, where is all the money going??

Bilderbergs plan economic depression video

Euro economy collapsing

Is fed  collapsing??

USA economy collapsing

Mike Maloney gold to $15,000

economy collapse depression or hyperinflation? or both?The Late Great USA

NAFTA Super Highway

Dangers of North American Union Jerome Corsi

North American Union, RFID, CFR, + Amero exposed

Hello New World Order + Amero,  goodbye U.S.A. + dollar!!

1,000 year war in Mideast

CIA  drug running   vid

Mrs. Clinton fraud   vid

Clinton Chronicles  vid

Enemy of the State

Enemy of  State   vid

Amerika from Freedom to Fascism

Amerika from Freedom to Fascism  vid


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