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Message NWO + end times

The Illuminati + NWO Secret Revealed here, read  this  ONLY if you
believe in NWO, and think you will overcome + prevail against NWO,
or if you are interested in eschatology (unbelievers DO NOT read)

“The man in the street does not notice the devil even when the devil is holding him by the throat.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The ruling elite are engineering a complete banking, economic, and society collapse, in order to put in place their New World Order Martial Law Police State.

I may be wrong, and there could be one more puppet USA president (they have all been puppets since the NWO elite assassinated JFK) *link* BUT:

I believe Hussein Obama may be our LAST president, and stay in the office as DICTATOR, declaring martial law before his current term expires. Why? Time is running out for US the Citizens, and all the pieces are now all in place for THEM, Lucifers children, the ruling elite!!

#2 But, he is still the perfect NWO elitist puppet, and they pull his strings so easy.

#3 He has his army of blind believers/worshipers in place, and brainwash programs operating in all schools/media, just like Hitler.*link*

#4 He has his brown shirt army already lawfully funded, established, in place, and growing, just like Hitler.*link* *link*

#5 The Posse Comitatus has been ELIMINATED. *link*

#6 Some in congress openly admit on record, they are told what to do, and threatened with severe consequences if they do

not follow orders. (Mere puppets in a theatric show!!) *link* + vote on secret laws *link* *remember JFK speech on govt secrecy + conspiracy?*

#7 The fema prison camps are built, and  ready to go/ with many jobs for the proper followers (Hitler).*link* USA currently has in operation the biggest prison system in the world. Biggest prison population in the world. Largest percentage of population in prison compared to all countries world wide. Many prisons are private contracted corporate for profit operations with politicians/ judges big shareholders. Like a hotel, the more clients, the more money/profits they make. Who says capitalism doesn’t work??   fema is really set up as a prison system to manage and direct the housing, management, extermination and disposal of political dissidents, constitutionalists, true Christians(Bible believers) and anyone else the eletists determine is a threat or unworthy to live.*link* New age society has less and less tolerance for anyone with opposition to their brainwashed, closed mind, extremist, liberal views on politics, guns, taxes, social issues, and is ready, willing, and soon able to imprison/exterminate their ideological and political opponents. *link*

#8 The dollar/debt crisis is unsustainable and ready to collapse any day now.*link*

#9 The plans for Amero, Nafta superhighway, and illegal immigration are in place and ready to go. *link* *link* *link*

#10 In spite of a liberal manipulated + censored media, there is a growing awareness, that too many rights are taken, and too many people sense things are not right.

#11 Too many people are uneasy, and arming themselves at a quick rate with weapons the elitist will have to confiscate, and they want to resolve this “problem” as soon as possible. (Hitler).*link*

#12 The RFID chip along with the computer technology to run it is now available. *link* *link* *link*

#13 The majority of USA population is now dumb down fools, lemmings who accept just about anything their Satanic,  “leaders” tell them, *link* and dismiss/discredit  anyone with any real knowledge of what’s going on, as “RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS, CONSPIRACY NUTS, ETC”. Majority of USA population has been successfully brainwashed and now is one of the dumbest modern day country’s on the planet.*link* ripe and ready to be conquered, or accept and participate in the New World Order.

#14 The globalists, Bankers, NWO, eletists, Secret Societys, secret is that they are evil  Lucifer Worshipers this is REAL, + Satan the Devil. For many years they have operated behind the scenes, in the dark, in secret, but are now becoming bolder and out in the open as they are almost ready for total world takeover. They are Lucifers  Children, the morning star, the fallen angel who deceives and masquerades as an angel of light. They hate Christians, the Bible, honesty, + freedom. They will devour the whole earth and force everyone to swear allegiance to Satan and take the chip in right hand or forehead, without it one cannot buy, sell or function in the Satanic New World Order. The followers call themselves the  enlightened ones, or illuminated ones,  known as the Illuminati. *link*

A video of their ritual ceremony was secretly taped by Alex Jones who infiltrated their meeting in Bohemian Grove California.*link*

The Bible says Lucifer, the fallen angel, full of pride and arrogance,  wanted to be as God, and sit on the thrown showing that he was god, and the Ultimate Supreme Being so he led a revolt to take the thrown, but he and his demons were defeated and kicked out of heaven. However his other plan is to take over the whole earth, showing that he is the god of this world, and  sit in the rebuilt temple in Israel (coming soon) and have every human being worship him, by force if necessary.  His plan is now almost complete. He is the all seeing eye and top of the evil pyramid, on dollar bills.*link*
The Illuminati is like an octopus with many arms or tentacles all connected and leading to the one body. All the known and lesser known secret society’s and clubs, foundations, trusts, are interconnected and lead back to the main one, the Illuminati. there is too many to mention here, but just a few are Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Lucius trust, (originally lucifers trust) Club of Rome, CFR, Bilderbergs, etc. They have branches, clubs, in Navy Intelligence, all other military intelligence and branches, the Vatican, and all major religions/church denominations, CIA, Secret Service, Media, all the Major corporations, the University’s and lower level schools, Political Parties, and just about every part of society you can think of. *link* Most leaders + positions of worldly power are members of one or more club/secret society.
The Leader or Head is Lucifer, and the followers, worshipers are descending in rank like the levels on a pyramid. This is depicted /symbolized on the dollar bill. Lucifer is the god they trust in mentioned on the dollar bill.
In the sixty’s hippies sang songs talking and glorifying  the dawning of the age of aquarius, which is the age of Lucifer.It is now here.
The new millennium started the astronomical time period known as “new age” “new era”or “age of acquarius” this is the age of Lucifer. He, his demons, and his earthly children/followers  will dominate and take over,  controlling  the whole world, once they consolidate all power and money. They will have complete control for seven years which the Bible calls the Great Tribulation, until removed by Christ, at his earthly return. Until Christ the Savior returns, no one can stop them!! No matter how noble + patriotic, no matter how many lawyers, laws, militias, guns, weapons, Citizens, you have, sadly Lucifer and his children will prevail in the battle for America. Your laws, courts, rights, and Constitution have all been usurped, corrupted,  and taken by these evil ones long ago, and there will be NO getting things back.   Not enough aware Citizens, majority of USA population has been successfully brainwashed and now is one of the dumbest modern day country’s on the planet.*link*
BELIEVE ME I KNOW, IF YOU BATTLE THESE EVIL DEMONIC GANGSTERS, YOU WILL LOOSE  LIFE SAVINGS +  FREEDOM and BE HELD AS  POLITICAL PRISONER!! I assure you, you will not win. Thinking you can prevail or stop the loss of freedom is just a dream, a noble honest dream, but a foolish dream.    Soon there will be a mark of allegiance to Satan placed in every human right hand or forehead (RFID). *link* *link* *link* No one will be able to buy or sell without the mark. In satan/lucifers NWO there is no room for opposition, distention, freedom, or worshiping the true God of the Bible, and following His laws/commandments..You must take the mark in order to function/survive. However the Bible forbids it, and you will go to HELL if you are still on earth, and take the mark when this system is implemented. Todays true Christian believers will be taken away in what is called the Rapture before the mark of the Beast is put into operation.

What you can expect soon:

Jesus said no one will know the exact time of His coming and the end times, but to watch for the following  signs and you will know the time is close, even at the door.

Some of the things the Bible prophecies for the end times:

There will be a satanic or unholy trinity with satan as head, and the NWO political leader of men, called anti-Chritst, and the NWO spiritual leader of false one world religion, called the false prophet.

The whole world will turn against, and hate Gods chosen people, the Nation Israel.—–we see this already starting, Irans leader wanting atomic bombs and calling to exterminate Israel

The Jews will rebuild Gods Temple in the same spot for the third time—————-Preparations are in place, but Moslem Masque is now sitting on the temple mount. Big problem.

Many FALSE teachers of the Bible misleading many.———–we see this everywhere. Many groups claiming they are Israel not the Jews and the modern day state of Israel. They falsely teach/believe they deserve Gods promises and promised land intended for the Jews in Israel.

People believe their good deeds, charities, and works entitle them to heaven,  and many other false teachings/beliefs too many to mention. Instead of believing Christs blood and death on the cross was a free gift and His reason for doing this was to freely give the gift of salvation to any believer. ONLY way to heaven is thru belief in JESUS death + free gift of salvation.

“I am the way, the truth, the life, NO ONE GETS TO THE FATHER BUT THRU ME.”

“Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth on Me HATH everlasting life.”

Many other passages Jesus says He is the ONLY way to heaven. There is NO other way, any other teachings and or religions are just WRONG!! But these false religions and teachers will unite in the False one world religion in end times.

The thief on the cross next to Jesus believed and accepted Christ in his last moments on earth and his soul was saved.

There will be a great falling away from belief in Christ/Bible————-hedonism, NWO, occult, false religions, deception- false teachings in so called “Christian Churches”, materialism.

The final Pope will be defector of the true faith The Bible calls him the false prophet, he will work with the Anti-christ and lead the false one world religion.—————————————world council of churches, homo clergy, female ministers

ecumenical orgz. False prophet, false religions *link*

There will be a united one world religion——————————–A FALSE church no true Christians (Bible believers) tolerated or allowed. (Already Christian fundamentalist are despised discriminated against) as Moslems must be accepted, tolerated, handled like children!!*link*

There will be wars and rumors of wars————————————-now, more wars than ever

There will be severe earthquakes in diverse places, increasing in scope and magnitude like a womans birth pains. ———————–worldwide earthquakes, tsunamis, wild fires, tornadoes

There will be all types of unusual weather disruptions————————too many to list

There will be famines, pestilences, sickness, incurable diseases——————–aids, eboli, etc

There will be an increase in sexual perversions——————pedophiles, homos, priest molesters
abortions, adultery, sodomites, homos in military.

There will be attempt to eliminate true God, and re-create a united one world as the Babylonian Empire and tower of Babel. Satan worship.————————-United Nation, a common communication———-internet/English.

There will be increase in knowledge—————————technology, computers, space, medicine, inter net

In spite of increased knowledge:
People proclaiming themselves to be wise, became fools—-*link* liberalism, paganism, NewAge, NWO, hedonism, materialism, obsession with sports+entertainment. Majority of USA population has been successfully brainwashed and now is one of the dumbest modern day country’s on the planet.*link* Ready to be conquered from within or an outside force, or willing to accept, participate in NWO.  Look around you,dumbed down ignorant lemming FOOLS are everywhere!!

There will be a one world currency or money system———right now Europes money has been consolidated into Euros, Nafta will soon merge US, Canada,+ Mexico into Amero, which will then merge into Euro, or some new currency then eventually it will all be digital on the chip installed in right hand or forehead. *link* No man can buy or sell without the mark  of  the mark of the beast.

There will be a one world political empire divided into 10 sub parts or branches, called The Revived Roman Empire. ———————–Roman Empire was never conquered, it just deteriorated and corrupted from within and faded away, but it will revive itself in the end days, and lead the world.————-USA is bankrupt and fighting unsustainable, unwinnable wars in too many spots, meanwhile leaving its own borders wide open, and traitors have let in thousands of enemy troops on military bases. *link* The only real intact asset is military, but this being squandered, run down, spread too thin across globe. It too could be broke beyond repair very soon.——–North America will be one part of new world kingdom, NO MORE SOVIERGN USA——–feds have intentionally  ignored open southern border for years 20 million illegals in USA holding protest in our streets with police protections.

European Union is the start of revived Roman Empire as the EU becomes stronger and the USA collapses, socially, economically, financially, and possibly militarily soon it will be nothing but an overinflated, bloated, corrupted, socialist, has been on the world stage. ***

All money will become worthless even gold and silver. Men will cry and gnash their teeth as they try and give gold for food.—————in the end it will be basic survival with such shortages the only true value items will be food, + water. *link*

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