Selling www Domain names

Did you know that Domain names can be bought and sold?

Desirable or valuable names can cost thousands of dollars.

If a business, organization, or individual wants or needs a name that you have, often they will pay you handsomely for it.

If you come up with certain names that are in demand, you can register them and just sit and wait, or auction them off.

You can buy them at auctions, then sit and wait till they go up in value, or list them and see how many offers you get.

There is only a certain limited  amount of names available, and an ever increasing demand, so chances are they will

continue to increase in value. You can buy and hold just like if you bought a stock and wait for it to increase in value.

Click here to see examples of names and prices of some domains that were recently bought and sold, and the prices.

Here is a list of some web domain names FOR SALE, or make a bid at auction. click here to bid  $250  $150  $225  $1225  $300  $860  $750  $500  $300  $850  $875  $300                                               $2,000                                  $36,000                                              $5,000                                           $25,000                                           $12,000                                              $16,000

The above domains are currently listed at the godaddy  site.    If interested in

purchasing or bidding at auction any of  these domains,  or many  others click here.

To see prices of recent sales click here