Free Riders Card



I am opposed to all Unions!!

I prefer to work for less money, fewer benefits, and in poor

working conditions. I enjoy working for lower wages and I

prefer a lower standard of living. I like to work long and hard

for less money so management can make ever larger profits off

of  my labor. I am also opposed to all of the benefits Unions have

won through the years: paid vacations, sick leaves, seniority

rights, wage increases, pension and insurance plans, safety laws,

workers compensation laws, social security, time and one-

half for overtime for hours in excess of 8 in one day and 40 in

one work week, unemployment benefits and job security.

I believe in privatizing all corp. gains while socializing the losses.

I like corporate welfare and the government bailouts to keep all

mismanaged company’s afloat. I believe all companys are fair

and benevolent, and they will pay me what I deserve, so I

would like to give back some of the Union won benefits so

the company and managers can enjoy even larger profits, bonuses,

+ raises for themselves. I also refuse to accept any future benefits

or pay raises that will be won through the efforts of Unions, and

hereby authorize and direct the company to withhold the amount

of any Union won benefits from my pay-check each week and

donate it to charity.

Signature ___________________________________________