18x Barack Hussein Obama

Not just an Obama basher, since there is no difference between him and other corrupt politicians such as  Bushes and Clintons, but he is  in the top office now. He can no longer get away with blaming his predecessors  for every problem he can not solve. The following clips show the painful facts, and really tell  it like it is. Most current politicians s are ALL puppets of lucifers New World Order, B.O. does NOT get a pass from criticism because of his race (half breed).

“The man in the street does not notice the devil even when the devil is holding him by the throat.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

b.o. barack hussien

The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

Black Criminal in the White House           Taxman and Robber

Barry the taxman                                      b.o. photo gallery

Barack the magic negro                           b.o. photos                  b.o. articles

b.o. IS a moslem!!                                    b.o. a homo??

Mr. President talking CRAP pt1

Mr. Scam Man

YES WE CAN the govt. CAN solve ALL problems

obamacare NWO!!

b.o. is NWO puppet trained + picked years in advance!!!


Walmart Introduces 666 Obamacare RFID Chip Machine



Political Criminals!!

Soros funded b.o.

b.o. and his banker buddys 

Understanding the Financial Crisis – very good explanation!

Banking Scam!!

The Day Obama Care DIED!!

b.o. redline song

Johnny Cashless

b.o. homo

I’m willing to die to expose that Devil Obama

Impeach b.o.?

End of America?  2013-2015

Team America

b.o. anti-Christ

anti-Christ + false prophet

Reverend Wright’s Daughter Charged with Embezzling Money from Job Training Program for Minorities

9-11    2013  bikers vs moslems

Pelosi, Pass the b.o. health law, then read it to see whats in it!!

B.O. a fraud, given 90 days to resign!!


Middle East Report Translated, Declares that “Barack Hussein Obama IS A Muslim Terrorist!”

B.O. birth certificate!!

b.o. unsure of his birthday + 57 states

B.O. phony

History of Barack Hussein Obama 

The obama deception

Husseinn Obama “Its not about ME”!!

Mr. Narcissistic Obama

Creepy obama worship + brainwashing kids

Black woman on b.o.

Black woman on criminal

Big spender Barry

Debt bomb

Banking Scam!!


USA will NOT pay China debt!!

Is Barry really a liar??

Obama Martial Law to America in 2014        

ObamaCare is a tax

b.o.  Americans  are stupid!!

Clinton told to keep quite on B.O. eligibility

History of Barry Hussein Obama

b.o.  satanic history

b.o. hand picked by NWO

b.o. Last USA Pres.

clinton: CFR runs USA!!

USA govt GIVES Calif. base to Red China!!

Madness of a Lost Society

George Bush booed big time!!

Obama Biden review 2010

Mr. President, where is all the money??

Planned Economic Collapse 2013-2014


WARNING: Civil Unrest In America 2013-2014

Beatles Taxman song

Runaway Slave


?   Barack Hussein Obama Family History

?  The Obama Coup

x   The Obama Deception

Mr. Obama + Mrs. Clinton leading U.S.A. into more Wars

We’re less safe with Hussein Obamas perpetual wars policy

x   “Mr Transparency” Hussein Obama passing more secret Bush KGB style Laws


==Obama Mortage program flops

Second real estate crash coming

American economy

Liberals oppose white house

democrats defect from Pelosi

Hussein Obama out of touch with reality

Husseinn Obama “Its not about ME”!!

Mr. Narcissistic Obama

Hussein Obama “Kick some Ass”

How many babys mamas do you have??

Barack Hussein Obama gives part of Arizona to Mexicans

The Late Great USA

NAFTA Super Highway

Dangers of North American Union Jerome Corsi

North American Union, RFID, CFR, + Amero exposed

Hello New World Order + Amero,  goodbye U.S.A. + dollar!!

Soros + Hussein Obama

Acorn Obama

Hussein Obama next Fascist dictator

Hussein Obama Illuminati puppet

Ultimate puppet  Obama + end of America

Tribute to Hussein Obamas 7 million army

Hussein Obama hates American Flag!!

Was Hussein Obama born in USA??

“Mr. Transparency” Hussein Obama still refuses to show birth certif. + end controversy

Hussein Obama admits he is a Moslem!!

Hussein Obama does NOT give his kids Christmas gifts!!

Hussein Obama ridicules the Bible!!

Is Obama a Liar??

J Kerry on Obama’s lies

Hussein Obama racist friends

Barack the magic negro

Mrs. Obama’s big money $$ deals

Camp fema Hussien Obamas youth army–shades of Hitler youth brown shirts

Hussein Obamas brain washed brown shirt “civilian army” very scary

Hussein Obamas brown shirt army is here WAKE UP America!!

Rahm Emanuel on Hussein Obamas private army

Hussein Obamas “civilian army” is now LAW + IS FUNDED stimulus $$??

Very very sad and scary brainwashing young children, Hussein Obama Worshipping

Hussein Obama Worshiping NWO agenda

Hussein Obama SUPPORTS New World Order!!

Hussein Obama + Israeli Rahm Emanuel

From Freedom to Fascism

Amerika from Freedom to Fascism  video

Enemy of the State

Enemy of  State   vid

CIA  drug running   vid

House of Rothschild vs. U.S.A. Presidents

JFK secrecy + conspiracy speech (short)

Luciferian Network


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