.Final Mystery


Easter Greetings

Thirteen  years ago, on the day before Easter 2002, I died for a short while from a  massive heart attack and  I was then sent back to this life. I have certain information you need to be aware of. To borrow the liberals favorite phrase, you need to have an “open mind”. I wonder who sees and understands what is happening in the world all around them, and who is ready? Jesus said “My people will perish from lack of knowledge” referring to lacking knowledge of  spiritual things, not worldly things. People are  very smart now in many worldly things, but dumber than ever in spiritual things, sadly most are Biblical illiterates. Many current warning signs are now showing us it is time to be ready.Much loss of our freedoms and the satanic NWO quickly being implemented.
Pagan liberals have now hi-jacked American culture and our govt., pushing God + Bible Christians out!!
But God will not be mocked. Judgement is coming to America. By pushing God out, God will remove His Divine protection from this country
“He will turn them over to reprobate minds” (paganism, twisted thinking, liberalism)
“Proclaiming themselves to be wise, they became fools.”
“Only the fool says there is no God”
“They will call evil good, and good evil”
The old and new testament Bible authors were Godly inspired Jews. All of the church founders, early church members / believers  were  Jews only.   Jesus is the Messiah and  a Jew. That is why satan, his followers, and the moslems  hate Jews and true Bible Christians and want to push them out and eliminate them. (spirit of anti-christ) (anti-christ means against Christ, or in place of Christ)  Also, Saul of Tarsus was a Jewish zealot, who tortured and killed the early believers until he was converted to Christ, on the road to Damascus Syria. His name was changed to Paul, and he was commanded  to go preach the gospel of grace not of works (Gods free gift of salvation), not to the Jews, but to all of the pagan non Jews.
Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” “No one gets to the Father but thru Me.” “Believe in Me and have eternal life.” Hate and persecution of Christians.  “They  hated Me, they will also hate you.”
“Scoffers will say where are the signs of His return?”
April 15, 2014 is Passover and a Blood red moon.    Sept 25,26 2014 Feast of Trumpets   Oct 8 2014 Blood red moon.    March 20, 2015 solar eclipse.
April 4, 2015 Passover Blood red moon.    Sept 13, 2015 Feast of Trumpets solar eclipse.    Sept 28, 2015 Feast of tabernacles a SUPER Blood red moon. Did this many heavenly signs ever happen before in this sequence, and all fall on  Jewish holidays???  Tetrad
Look around you, whoever does not know or see the many signs is either a scoffer, blind, or just in denial.
No one will know the exact time or hour, but you can know the signs of when it is near.     (It is now VERY VERY near)
God will NOT be mocked!!

Judgement is coming soon to America in many ways!!  Either a terrorist attack, sneak nuclear attack, or very large extreme natural disasters, will cause stocks to crash, economic collapse, power grid knocked out causing nationwide devastation.
Remember nothing in the modern world will  work without electricity!!
Money, status, worldly possessions,  and modern conveniences will all be useless, set nation quickly  back to stone age.

Underneath Yellowstone park is the worlds largest supervolcano, 33 miles wide. It is now rumbling and ready to erupt. The buffaloes are now running down the roads leaving the park in droves. Even they know, and are smarter than many humans, big bad things are about to happen!! (will be the largest most devastating explosion in world history 1,000 times larger than any other!!)
Ignore the Bible and blame things on “global warming??”
“The sun will be blackened, and the moon will turn  blood red.”

Warning!! Warning!!  2014-2015
The Harbinger  videos
Harbinger book
Blood moon

Mystery of the final church days.
Not all people will die, millions of the true believers (from all denominations) will be bodily taken up, vanishing from earth. (False pseudo Christians, in name only, will be left behind with the unbelievers, pagan liberals, + satanists to suffer and go thru 7 year tribulation under the anti-christ system)
Most likely the pagans and liberals explanation will be,  the missing  were all trouble making Christians hindering the liberal satanic NWO and removed by alien UFO’s.    More people now  believe UFO’s are true than Jesus is true.
Will probably take place on Passover or another Jewish holiday since Christ was a Jew and all of Israels main events happen on the Jewish holidays coinciding with sun and moon cycles. Unrepentant, unbelievers, pagan liberals, false Christians, false teachers, and false religions will be left behind to go through the 7 year tribulation and world war III, misery and calamity until Christ returns to earth with the vanished true believers to rule and reign setting up His final kingdom.

If you are left behind, do NOT take satans mark in right hand or forehead!! (RFID Chip)
Your soul still can be saved. Millions will accept Jesus as savior during this time, even though they will have heads cut off.

End time Bible events

Famines, incurable diseases and pestilence. (ebola, aids, pig flu, etc) open borders terrorists carrying and spreading deadly germs
Droughts, water shortages– California drying up,  produces 50% of USA produce
Ruthless Russia reemerging and will soon join with the moslem nations to invade Israel.
Israel stands alone and will defeat Russia and completely destroy Damascus (worlds oldest existing city) prevailing against all odds.
Then ALL the armys of the world will next join together and invade Israel
Jews back in their promised homeland.
Israel constantly attacked and tormented
Rebuilding of Jewish Temple for the third time
False promises, “Peace, peace, but there will be NO peace.”
moslem satanic cult expanding worldwide (convert or be killed)
Severe worldwide weather disruptions getting worse and worse like a womans birth pains.
Signs in the heavens, stars, sun, moon, meteors, Blood Moon tetrad
Culture eliminating and moving away from God. False religions expanding thru use of terrorism.
Hate and persecution of Christians.  “They  hated Me, they will also hate you.”
Final pope a defector from the faith and a traitor just like Judas was. (the false prophet)
Deception, false teachings, false prophets, a great falling away from truth, the faith, and the Church.
Merge all belief systems into a false, Christless, one world religion, led by the false prophet pope.
Worldwide diseases epidemics, and sickness, aids, pig flu, bird flu, etc
Worldwide famines and droughts
A one world govt.
A one world economic system
A cashless economic system
Knowledge and technology will explode and expand exponentially
Mark of the beast in right hand or forehead, RFID computer chip
7 years of The Great tribulation misery suffering
He will turn many over to reprobate minds
Excessive drugs and alcohol use
Rampant sexual perversions, divorces, sodomites, adultery, fornicators
They will call evil good, and good evil
Scoffers, expanding paganism, liberalism, unbelievers.
Corrupt lying evil politicians
Is anyone aware of the current signs and what is rapidly approaching??
Is anyone ready??WAKE UP!! You have now been warned