“The man in the street does not notice the devil even when the devil is holding him by the throat.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

8 Spiritual Secrets

By Robert Johnson

Is this the 1960’s hippie “age of aquarius”? doomsday?   After reviewing this material you may also  want to check out the secret codes from ancient Hebrew writings, which were discovered by Israeli scientists using modern super computers. (This is not the Davinci codes) These codes reveal shocking and amazing truths the establishment and “open minded” liberals hope you never see or learn. Not for the faint of heart! You need to be truly open minded and a truth seeker to view this material! There are detailed books and videos available revealing the shocking truths of these mysterious codes. Both books and videos are available at     G. Jeffrey1800-711-1976 or 1-905-271-6960,       Yacov Rambsel 1800-475-1111,       Grizzly Adams 1800-811-0548.

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