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By Robert JohnsonYou might have heard about government repossessed car auctions and are interested in buying yourself a car there at a huge discount. Or you could be interested in buying and reselling cars for profits. Whatever the reason,  you  need to know how to locate these government vehicle auctions!!

The vehicles sold are from repossession and the government is willing to sell them really cheap. Very often, their prices start at  90% off the retail prices. Obviously, when things are so cheap, do not expect them to have deep advertising budgets. A lot of  government auto auctions are organized by small time private auctioneers. This kind of auction is what you should target as this means a high chance of buying at very low cheap prices with zero competition.

The fact that these auctions are hardly publicized makes it quite a challenge to find them.
But you came to the right place for information on auctions. We have information on several auction programs for you.

Besides government vehicles, we have information about mini storage auctions. Many times people can not continue to pay their storage fees, so their belongings are cleared out and auctioned off. You can now learn about these auctions, and how to participate.

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