21 x Banking and Elite money N.W.O.

“The man in the street does not notice the devil even when the devil is holding him by the throat.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Banking Scam!!

Debt bomb

Understanding the Financial Crisis – very good explanation!

Money finder service

Executive order 11110   SHOCKING!!

Pres. Lincoln + Pres. Kennedy coincidence

House of Rothschild vs. U.S.A. Presidents

JFK secrecy + conspiracy speech (short)

JFK speech 10 min.


CIA killed aaron russo

America : Freedom to Fascism

NWO Finance

NWO Russia


33   Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

9-11 missing bodys + planes

Kenedy assination

Buffet How to end USA deficit

Fall of Empires

Soros NWO puppet master

satanic NWO

Super wealthy satan worshipers

Big Banks Conspire to defraud Taxpayers

Is fed  collapsing??

clinton: CFR runs USA!!

USA govt GIVES Calif. base to Red China!!


Real power behind NWO

NWO secret societys

The coming Moslem anti-Christ

NO Economic recovery!!

Why you are unemployed

Planned Economic Collapse 2013-2014

WARNING: Civil Unrest In America 2013-2014


Nation of Lies

Deliberate dumbing down of America

Story of YOUR Enslavement

x   Truth on banking + USA govt.

x Skull + Bones video

x The Bilderberg Group

Mechanics of NWO

Global meltdown

Madness of a Lost Society

Have Americans really been dumbed  down??

Black woman view  Obama

KGB how to brainwash a nation

American form of Govt   vid

MANDATORY RFID chip implant in obamacare!!!   (Mark of Beast)

RFID chips

RFID chip can KILL!!

RFID chip + Amero

RFID chip + Bible

Arron Russo

Amerika from Freedom to Fascism  video

x   Bilderberg video

x   Bilderbergs plan economic depression video

x   Mr President, where is all the money going??

B.O. birth certificate!!

The Money Masters  video

x   federal reserve bank,  The Creature From Jekyll Island  video

x   federal reserve bank,   The Creature From Jekyll Island

x   The Unseen Hand

Bankers win the white house

x   USA Debtors Prison

Hussein Obama + Mrs. Clinton dragging us into more Wars + Economic Depression  video

x   History of bankers and the monetary system

Ix  nflation vs. Deflation Who is Right??  videos

Euro economy collapsing

x   Soros + Hussein Obama

USA economy collapsing

x   Mike Maloney gold to $15,000

economy collapse depression or hyperinflation? or both?

x  The Late Great USA

NAFTA Super Highway

Dangers of North American Union Jerome Corsi

North American Union, RFID, CFR, + Amero exposed

Hello New World Order + Amero,  goodbye U.S.A. + dollar!!

History of federal reserve bank

Illuminati and NWO

Illuminati symbolisim everywhere

NWO   federal reserve private bank

Pres. Eisenhower warns of secret societys  NWO

JFK secret societys NWO 10 min

?  Famous powerful men who spoke of conspiracy’s

?  USA govt RED list

?  Luciferian Network

?  CIA drug running   video

?   Amerika from Freedom to Fascism

Amerika from Freedom to Fascism  video

Enemy of  State   video

Verichip video

RFID chip + Bible

?  Bilderbergs want everyone “chipped” 666  video

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